Children who are sick are unable to learn optimally.  By addressing their health and wellness needs, Pebbles is able to maximize each child’s academic potential. The Pebbles Health Clinic in Stellenbosch provides quality healthcare services to all Pebbles beneficiaries as well as their parents, community members and the general public.

All Pebbles beneficiaries under the age of 25 can access the services free of charge. Parents and other community members can access the services for a nominal fee.

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The Twinings Pebbles partnership started in 2021 and consists of a Mobile Health Service which provides farmworkers and their families with healthcare services across a number of UTZ-registered rooibos tea farms in the Clanwilliam and Citrusdal area. This is made possible through the Twinings ‘Sourced with Care’ ethical programme.


Training and Support

This initiative provides training to practitioners working in the Pebbles ECD and After-School Clubs on health issues relating to specific beneficiary age groups.

Primary Health Care and Wellness

The Primary Health Care Initiative provides essential care to sick patients and prescribes and dispenses medication when required. The Pebbles Clinical Nurse Practitioners ensure follow-up consultations take place with parents and children who show no improvement in their health. If necessary they refer patients to external service providers for further treatment. Through the Wellness Initiative, Pebbles encourages a healthy lifestyle through the early detection of lifestyle diseases.

Dental Care

The Pebbles Oral Hygienist provides secondary dental treatments through the detection and repair of dental caries. This initiative also implements a brushing programme at the Pebbles ECD centres to encourage good oral hygiene practices from a young age.

Sexuality Workshops with Pebbles Youth

The Pebbles Clinic staff, together with the Life Skills Programme, hosts Sexuality workshops quarterly where various topics are discussed. Family planning services are also offered.

Maternal Health Education

This initiative provides antenatal and postnatal support to pregnant women to promote healthy pregnancies. The programme offers a series of workshops throughout the pregnancy. Topics covered include the harmful effects of substance abuse, what to expect when expecting, healthy eating habits, and warning signs to look out for during pregnancy. Women who fall part of this initiative can also access a nutritious daily lunch meal free of charge from the Pebbles Kitchen throughout their pregnancy. Upon successful completion of the workshops, mothers receive a baby box filled with much-needed baby and postpartum items.

Social Work Services

The Pebbles Social Workers work with the farming communities to support them through difficult times and ensure that children and adults are safeguarded from harm.  Needs that are addressed include neglect, abuse, family relationships, behaviour problems and substance abuse. The Social Workers provide support to families in order to promote social change, development, cohesion, and empowerment. They also conduct regular parent workshops to educate and equip parents on a range of topics such as parenting skills, money management, substance abuse, health and wellness.