PEP Life Skills and Extra-Curricular Educator

PEP Life Skills and Extra-Curricular Educator

The Pebbles Project seeks to employ a PEP Life Skills and Extra-Curricular Educator In Hemel-en-Aarde


The Pebbles Project reserves the right to not fill this position. EE candidates may be given preference.

Please note: ECEP is also referred to as ECD Programme and SEP refers to After-School Club Programme

ProgrammePrimary Education Programme
Job Title:PEP Life Skills and Extra-Curricular Educator
Location:Hemel-en-Aarde Education Project
Reports to:Primary Education Programme Manager (PEP Manager)
Working Hours:Mon – Thursday 08:00 to 17:00 with a 60-minute unpaid lunch Friday 08:00 – 14:00 with a 30-minute unpaid lunch break  
School HolidaysTerm 1: 7 days
Term 2: 12 days
Term 3: 7 Days
Term 4: 15 Days


● Relevant tertiary qualification in Education or relevant years of experience
● Computer literate
● A minimum of one year’s community work/service experience
● Fluent in written and spoken Afrikaans and English
● Must have a valid driving license and own reliable transport
● Must be prepared to obtain a code 10 driving license and drive a passenger vehicle.
● Ability to work independently and as part of our great team
● Ability to work flexible hours (pre-care, weekends, and evenings occasionally)
● Must have the ability to:

  • Pay attention to details
    • To plan, prioritise work and meet deadlines to successfully deliver range of programme outcomes
    • Demonstrate good communication and problem solving skills
    • Multitask
    • Be creativity and resourcefulness
    • Learn and grow
  • The project is located on a farm

This position is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring the Life Skills and Extra-Curricular Services at the Pebbles Project Hemel en Aarde Education Project.

The Life Skills service focuses on the following initiatives:

● Learner On-site Support
● Leadership Development Initiative
● Learner Coaching Initiative (LCI)
● Sex Education Initiative

The Extra-Curricular service focuses on the following initiatives:

● Library Initiative
● Computer Literacy Initiative
● Sports and Recreation Initiative
● Educational Outings and Activities Initiative

● Initiative coordination and implementation
● Classroom management
● Monitoring and evaluation
● Administration and team Support


  1. Initiative Coordination and Implementation
    Learner On-site Support
    ● To assist with homework, tutoring and present vocational education lessons to learners when required.
    ● To assist the PEP manager to create places and spaces of innovation to support teaching and learning (hop scotch, games, maker’s spaces).
    ● To assist with classroom substitution.

Leadership Development Initiative
● To appoint ambassador representatives in Grade 6 and 7.
● To research relevant service providers that will render leadership programmes and activities for class ambassadors.
● To conduct and execute group and one-on-one mentoring sessions.
● To train the educators on the leadership initiative and mentoring requirements.
● To assist with conducting the nomination and voting process.
● To conduct leadership training sessions at the annual ambassador camp.

Learner coaching Initiative:
● To facilitate workshops with learners.
● To source external service providers and maintain partnerships.

Sex Education Initiative
● To facilitate workshops with learners.
● To source external service providers and maintain partnerships.
● To manage the logistic required for the initiative.

Library Service Initiative
● To teach learners library skills including – understanding library rules, how to loan books and read book summaries, how to handle books with respect and care and how to recycle books.
● To dispense and collect books.
● To plan and facilitate projects that align with life skills and extra-curricular topics (spelling bees and general knowledge quiz with a focus on literacy development).
● To promote a culture of love for reading, knowledge and books.

Computer Literacy Initiative
● To consult with the Mobile Computer Literacy Coordinator to develop and review computer literacy manuals, utilise a baseline assessment to test the computer literacy levels of learners.
● To use applications and games that improve reading, numeracy and creative skills.
● To teach computer literacy curriculum to learners.

Sports and Recreation Initiative
● To oversee, facilitate and implement activities as set out in the timetable (gardening, biking, field sports).
● To identify educators who can offer activities as part of the daily programme in consultation with the PEP manager.
● To consult with the Life skills and Extra-Curricular Manager to source and manage the necessary resources to implement activities.
● To source, recruit and engage potential service providers to ensure learners have access to activities.
● To organise and execute sporting events (netball/soccer tournaments).
● To provide learners with opportunities that expose them to competitions and allow participation in showcases, both locally and provincially.

Educational Outings and Activities Initiative
● To plan and organise appropriate educational outings.
● To identify learners who demonstrate potential and provide them with outings/activities to further their skills.
● To manage the logistics and transportation for the initiative.

  1. Classroom Management
    ● To uphold the vision, mission and ethos of the academy, and Pebbles Projects as a whole.
    ● To adhere to school policies, procedures and protocol.
    ● To build positive relationships with learners.
    ● To promote a love for learning within the classroom.
    ● To execute consistent, fair and age appropriate discipline within the class.
    ● To record learner behaviour and achievement on the relevant documentation.
    ● To address any and all areas of concern with the PEP Manager.
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E)
    ● To manage and monitor the inventory for the services resources at the project.
    ● To contribute to the development of the services through identifying gaps and establishing strategic solutions.
    ● To assist the PEP manager with the collection of relevant and appropriate data for effective monitoring and evaluation.
    ● To take overall responsibility for the timely (monthly) sharing of M&E information to the management systems.
    ● To ensure continued monitoring of key performance indicators for the initiatives.
  3. Administration and Team Support
    ● To ensure all initiative activities are executed in alignment to the Pebbles Project Framework.
    ● To assist with the development and implementation of new initiatives for the Hemel-en- Aarde Education Project.
    ● To assist with the monitoring and evaluation of the PEP Initiatives.
    ● To develop monitoring and evaluation tools to track the success of initiatives.
    ● To do all tasks according to the agreed targets regarding time, quantity and quality.
    ● Assist the COO/CAO with the collection of relevant and appropriate data needed for the effective monitoring of the relevant services.
    ● To assist the PEP manager with annual strategic planning and ongoing service planning.
    ● To participate in internal and external training.
    ● To manage volunteers allocated to the classroom or initiatives.
    ● To assist with the planning and executing of events, hosting visitors and donors.
    ● To follow any reasonable instruction as requested by any Manager or member of Senior Management.

Protecting babies, children and young people from child abuse and neglect is integral to the work of the Pebbles Project

Protecting Children Policy Information

The Pebbles Project Trust has zero-tolerance for child abuse. Protecting babies, children and young people from abuse and neglect are integral to the provision of services we deliver to these children and their families. It is a core responsibility for all Pebbles Project staff.


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