Early Adulthood Programme Manager

Early Adulthood Programme Manager

The Pebbles Project seeks to employ an Early Adulthood Programme Manager to be based in Stellenbosch. The Pebbles Project reserves the right not to fill this vacancy. EE candidates may be given preference.

Please email your CV and salary expectation to Samantha at sam@pebblesproject.co.za.Closing date: 14 April 2021

Job titleEarly Adulthood Programme Manager
DepartmentMiddle Management
Position reports toChief Operations Officer
Ordinary location(s)Stellenbosch
Requirements• Tertiary qualification in Education or;
• BA Degree;
• Psychology degree;
• Career guidance experience;
• Youth development experience;
• Skills development experience;
• Development studies experience;
• Working hours are from Monday to Friday, from 08h00 – 17h00.
• Fluent written and spoken Afrikaans and English.
• Valid driver’s license.
• Computer literate.
Critical performance areas
• Management of the early adulthood programme (EAP)
• Curriculum development and coordination
• Management of initiatives:
Subject and career guidance initiative
Enrolment and placements initiative
Training and support initiative
• Management of the skills and training centres
• Coordination of the world of work initiative (WOW)
• Monitoring and evaluation of the EAP
• Administration
Purpose of Position
To provide young adults with sufficient information and guidance to make informed career decisions and to support them to become participating and responsible members of society.
Management of the early adulthood programme (EAP)
• To oversee and guide the implementation of all Services (initiatives and activities) in EAP.
• To oversee the implementation of the EAP Social Work and Health Services.
• To provide support, work readiness skills and mentorship opportunities.
• To equip young adults to make informed career decisions and assist them to enrol for tertiary education or skills training.
• To collaborate with relevant role-players (teachers, parents and students) and provide educational opportunities for learners and assist with the development of career goals.

Curriculum Development and Coordination
• To oversee the development of EAP Initiatives curricula, activities and manuals.
• To research EAP trends to amend (when necessary) for the EAP Programme.
• To train internal EAP Service Managers and Coordinators on relevant programme content and theory and ensure the employees demonstrate appropriate and effective knowledge of the programme.
• To facilitate annual EAP Initiative curriculum reviews and ensure the curriculum cycle is implemented along with all of the standard operating procedures.
• To develop appropriate and review assessment instruments and protocols.

Management of initiative
Subject and career guidance initiative

• To oversee the use of Psychometric assessment to guide grade 9 learners to make appropriate subject choices for Grade 10.
• To ensure Psychometric assessment for Grade 11 – 12 learners are completed to ensure learners have selected appropriate career paths.
• To facilitate strength mapping with learners, consult their School Guidance Counsellors (where applicable) and the School Enrichment Programme Support Teachers for effective career guidance.

Enrolment and placements initiative
• To manage learner enrolment for tertiary education and/or skills training.
• To assist learners with completing tertiary (or other) applications and submit before the applications due dates.
• To develop an internship/job shadowing structure and participate in open days (for Grade 9, 11 and 12 learners).
• To source employment, internship and apprenticeship opportunities for the EAPs young adults.

Training and support initiative
• To facilitate quarterly support group meetings to assist young adults during their studies and skills placements.
• To arrange meetings with individual young adults when additional support is required.
• To oversee Life Skills and Soft Skills training.
• To provide mentorship opportunities for young adults studying and participating in skills training.
• To provide young adults (studying and participating in skills training) with job shadowing opportunities to support career choices or increase their experience portfolios.

Coordination of world of work initiative (WOW)
• To recruit, screen and orientate learners (15-18 years, who dropped out of school) who are interested in participating in the initiative.
• To conduct a baseline assessment with learners as part of the application process.
• To collaborate and coordinate with role players in order to implement all activities within the initiative.
• To Identify and coordinate relevant work placements for learners 15-18 years of age, who dropped out of school and conduct Strength Mapping to identify the feasibility of placement.
• To provide learners with soft skills training and prepare them for job interviews.
• To source appropriate services providers and maintain positive relationships.
• To monitor the progress of learners and provide further support and training when required.
• To collaborate and coordinate this Initiative with the Life Skill Manager.

Management of the skills and training centres
• To oversee the programme implementation at centres.
• To ensure engagement with relevant role players and maintain partnerships.
• To take overall responsibility for quality assurance at all centres.
• To oversee the well-being of learners/students enrolled in the various centres.
• To oversee the management of all educational resources and assets placed in the centres.
• To manage the procurement of new educational programmes resources, assets and equipment in line with the allocated budget.
• To take responsibility for the general upkeep of centres in collaboration with the coordinator in the region.

Monitoring and evaluation of the EAP
• To oversee the monitoring and evaluation of the EAP (all services).
• To develop measurement instruments for the monitoring and evaluation of the programme and to contribute to the service development through identifying gaps in the initiative implementation.
• To oversee the tracking of learner/student progress in the EAP initiatives.
• To take responsibility for EAP data management and identifying trends.
• To take responsibility for the EAP reports and to contribute towards the report writing when requested from the Senior Management Team.
• To assist the COO with the collection of relevant and appropriate data needed for the effective monitoring of the relevant services.
• To ensure the timely (monthly) sharing of the M&E information to the Cluster management system.

• To assist the Pebbles DSD coordinators, ECD and SEP Programme Managers with the facility registrations and to ensure that no facility registration lapses (where applicable).
• To assist the Areas Manager with Coordinating Fire and Health site inspections at Skills and Training Centres.
• To oversee the EAPs budget allocations by tracking the budget and Implementing the financial policy.
• To ensure the EAPs services administration is up-to-date.
• To assist the Area manager with renovations when required
• To assist and support the fundraising team with social media posts, suggesting interesting content and providing relevant photos, and taking out donors and visitors to farms/facilities.
Protecting babies, children and young people from child abuse and neglect is integral to the work of the Pebbles Project

Protecting Children Policy Information

The Pebbles Project Trust has zero tolerance of child abuse. Protecting babies, children and young people from abuse and neglect is integral to the provision of services we deliver to these children and their families. It is a core responsibility for all Pebbles Project staff.

Job Location: Stellenbosch

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