Support Teacher

The Pebbles Project seeks to employ a School Enrichment Support Teacher to be based in Grabouw and to commence employment immediately. Pebbles Project reserves the right not to fill this vacancy and EE candidates may be given preference.

If you have not been invited for an interview within 4 weeks of submission, please consider your application unsuccessful.

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Job titleSupport Teacher
DepartmentSchool Enrichment Programme
Position reports toArea Manager
Ordinary location(s)Grabouw
Requirements• Teaching degree or diploma with a minimum of 1 years’ teaching experience.
• A minimum of 1 years working experience in the NPO sector will be beneficial.
• Computer Literate.
• Fluent in written and spoken Afrikaans and English.
• Must have a valid driving licence and own reliable transport.
• Must be prepared to obtain a code 10 driving license and drive a passenger vehicle.
• Ability to work independently and as part of our great team.
• Ability to work flexible hours (some weekends and evenings occasionally).
• Attention to detail, ability to plan and prioritise work, meeting deadlines to successfully deliver range of programme outcomes/deliverables.
• Ability to have effective communication skills, problem solving skills, stress management, creativity, resourcefulness and an openness to learning and growth.

Critical performance areas
● Programme Development
● Training Initiative
● Learner On-site Support Initiative
● Practitioner On-site Support Initiative
● Centre management
● Monitoring and evaluation
● Administration

Purpose of Position
This position is responsible for assisting with the development and implementation of the School Enrichment Programme for the Pebbles Project.

Programme Development
● To assist the SEP Manager with the development of the SEP initiatives.
● To provide support to the SEP practitioners through on-site support and training.
● To present any other initiatives as requested by the SEP Manager.
Training Initiative
● To train practitioners in the developmental stages of learners, classroom management and discipline strategies.
● To educate practitioners in the implementation of the daily stimulation programme.
● To train practitioners to use toys and early learning resources to stimulate development.
● To share and demonstrate age appropriate teaching techniques with the practitioner.
● To review and evaluate the increase in knowledge and improved skill levels of the practitioners.
● To demonstrate and practice child handling skills with the practitioners.
● To develop the necessary administrative skills that are required of practitioners.
● To conduct and plan the monthly practitioner training sessions in alignment with government and stakeholder frameworks.
● To Identify and present relevant topics that enhance the personal development of practitioners.

SEP Learner On-site Support Initiative
• To assist with homework, tutoring and present vocational education lessons to learners.
• To teach/facilitate life skills activities as allocated by the Life-Skills and Extra-Curricular Manager.
• To design and implement positive discipline strategies (i.e. a rewards system).
• To teach study methods and techniques to learners to prepare them for their examinations, as allocated by the Life-Skills and Extra-Curricular Manager.
• To identify learners with barriers to learning and gather background information (Learner On-Site Support Investigation).
• To refer learners who are not developing as desired to case discussions.
• To refer learners with multiple barriers for case conferencing.
• To facilitate reintegration of learners to school or refer to EAP Second Chance  Initiative.
• To assist with the collection of school reports.
• To assist with the implementation of the Life Skills and Extra-Curricular Service.
• To utilize the Life-skill Mobile Classroom to implement initiative activities.

Practitioner On-site Support
● To identify, adapt and implement strategies for practitioner development.
● To model appropriate ways for practitioners to engage with the children.
● To demonstrate and practice classroom management.
● To coach practitioners in the methods of using educational resources and learning materials.
● To evaluate the implementation of the daily programme and the use of the knowledge and skills addressed in training.
● To conduct building, landscaping and play area inspections.
● To manage the leave administration of practitioners.
● To conduct a baseline assessment for each practitioner and utilise findings to develop monthly training content and on-site support.
● To take overall responsibility for the practitioner evaluations/performance development.
● To present model lessons that promote positive discipline (SEP reward system).
● To research and develop resources that can be used for multi-grade teaching.
● To present on-site training to the practitioners on the life skills initiatives and activities.

Centre Management
● To take overall responsibility for the general upkeep of the building, landscaping and outdoor/play areas of all the centres.
● To assist the Area Manager with the facility maintenance checklist and to create a needs list that must be updated annually.
● To ensure initiatives are implemented correctly at the centres.
● To ensure centres are neat and clean.
● To take overall responsibility for the layout of centres.
● To purchase and distribute all the educational resources as required to allow centres to function efficiently.
● To organise the collection of all registers on a monthly basis and to inform the Programme Managers of any discrepancies.
● To facilitate parent meetings and one on one meetings when required.
● To ensure the general upkeep of communication with parents and ensure they are informed about their child’s involvement in any of the SEP Initiatives.
● Facilitate the dissemination and training on all programme documents.
● To assist with the Health and Safety for centres.
● To manage the waiting list and procedures for the intake of new children.
● To plan and manage the induction of new children.
● To assist the Programme Managers with any Department of Social Developments processes and procedures.
● To supervise and manage volunteers that have been assigned to the centres.
● To take overall responsibility for all communication regarding the daily operations of centres.
● To take responsibility for managing and updating centre inventories.
● To plan and execute the learner year-end prize giving with the ECD support teacher at the relevant centres.
● To assist the programme managers by reviewing the farm schedules, identifying any amendments required and adding farm specific dates.
● To assist with all initiatives and activities presented at the centres.

● To ensure all initiative activities are executed in alignment to the Pebbles Project Framework.
● To develop monitoring and evaluation tools to track the success of the Training. Learner On-site and Practitioner On-site Initiatives.
● To do all tasks according to the agreed targets regarding time, quantity and quality.
● Liaising with service managers to ensure that a quality service is delivered and that that these initiatives are benefitting the children enrolled.
● Contribute to service development through identifying gaps in initiative implementation.
● Assist the COO/CAO with the collection of relevant and appropriate data needed for the effective monitoring of the relevant services.

● To manage and support direct reports (i.e. practitioners), including on boarding, managing performance and developing staff capability through mentoring and training.
● To attend all the SEP training, to streamline the communications between the office and the practitioners.
● To attend internal staff training.
● Assist the senior management team with the collection of relevant and appropriate information.
● To ensure that all responsibilities and instructions are clearly understood, and to clear up any misunderstandings before the task commences.
● To follow a reasonable instruction as a contribution to the productivity of the Pebbles Project.
● To perform any additional duties, as requested by your line manager or senior management.

Protecting babies, children and young people from child abuse and neglect is integral to the work of the Pebbles Project

Protecting Children
Policy Information The Pebbles Project Trust has zero tolerance of child abuse. Protecting babies, children and young people from abuse and neglect is integral to the provision of services we deliver to these children and their families. It is a core responsibility for all Pebbles Project staff.

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