Special Education Needs Coordinator

The Pebbles Project seeks to employ an Special Education Needs Coordinator to be based in Stellenbosch.

EE Candidates may be given preference.

The Pebbles Project reserves the right to not fill this position. If you have not been invited for an interview after 3 weeks after submission, please consider your application unsuccessful.

Job titleSpecial Education Needs Coordinator
DepartmentSpecial Education Needs
Position reports toFirst Thousand Days (FTD) Programme Manager
Ordinary location(s)Stellenbosch Head Office
Requirements• Bachelor’s qualification in Occupational Therapy or Educational Psychology
• Registered with HPCSA
• Computer literate
• Experience in paediatrics and community work
• Minimum of 3 years’ experience
• Valid driver’s license and own reliable vehicle
• Good written and spoken English and Afrikaans
• Good interpersonal skills
• Must product a clear criminal certificate
Critical performance areas
Purpose of Position
This initiative enables multi-disciplinary interventions for children from birth to 18 years who present with developmental and learning difficulties. The incumbent is required to provide children who present with difficulties in development and learning with timeous, appropriate and continuous support, providing structured and appropriate interventions to children experiencing aforementioned difficulties.  

● To coordinate the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Initiatives for all the children in the Early Care and Education Programme, School Enrichment Programme (SEP) and the Academy.
● To coordinate and facilitate multi-disciplinary interventions for learners who present with learning difficulties.
● To conduct parent or primary caregiver induction interviews at induction.
● To examine and prioritise referrals related to development and learning.
● To conduct assessments and develop treatment plans for children and monitor treatment and adapt accordingly.
● To liaise and consult with external service providers regarding intervention programmes for beneficiaries.
● To oversee the development and implementation of intervention programmes for individual beneficiaries and groups of beneficiaries.
● To treat children experiencing difficulty in development and learning.
● To plan and execute developmental clinics in the various regions.
● To participate in multi-disciplinary case conferences when required.
● To train parents or primary caregivers on therapeutic strategies to be implemented at home to support the development or learning of their child.
● To train and guide internal and external staff on appropriate inclusive educational principals.
● To support and consult with the EAP Manager in assessing young adults.
● To ensure all programme managers are aware of the SEN learners and ensure the successful handover between programmes.
● To hand over cases to the EAP Manager, (where applicable,) for work placements and ensure a care path is in place.
● To discharge cases who no longer need support and communicate this to the programme managers.
● To employ the services of external support services to provide specialised intervention treatments, as needed.
● To provide SEN support in all regions.

● To present at the monthly training a range of SEN topics, when requested by the ECEP and SEP managers.
● To develop training material and train the internal/external staff on special educational needs.
● To develop intervention strategies and provide one-on-one training with the educators and practitioners, when required.

● To oversee and implement the MRC activities.
● To support the development of auditory and visual perception through home-based intervention, classroom intervention and direct individual intervention.
● To utilize the MRC resources to support children referred from case discussions.
● To consult with and report back to the Programme Managers, Support Teachers and Educators when identifying, assessing and supporting children requiring intervention.
● To provide on-site training for practitioners and caregivers on age and stage appropriate resources.
● To assist the Transport and Logistics Coordinator with the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle.
● To consult with Programme Managers in order to provide classroom intervention based on trends in learning and development as identified by Programme Managers.

● To assist with the development and implementation of effective monitoring and evaluation.
● To report any problems with the practitioners to the ECEP and SEP Support Teachers.
● To report any programme related challenges to the ECEP and SEP Programme managers.
● To maintain case records and to ensure clinical records are timeously captured on the management systems.

● To attend internal staff training.
● To ensure that all responsibilities and instructions are clearly understood, and to clear up any misunderstandings before the task commences.
● To follow a reasonable instruction as a contribution to the productivity of the Pebbles Project.
● To perform any additional duties, as requested by your line manager or senior management.

Protecting babies, children and young people from child abuse and neglect is integral to the work of the Pebbles Project

Protecting Children
Policy Information The Pebbles Project Trust has zero tolerance of child abuse. Protecting babies, children and young people from abuse and neglect is integral to the provision of services we deliver to these children and their families. It is a core responsibility for all Pebbles Project staff.

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