Impact stories

“I love maths so much that sometimes I even dream about it. Pebbles has helped me discover my love for maths.”- Jordan Salmon, Pebbles Ambassador and After School Club Learner

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“I think it’s amazing that I can be a Pebbles Ambassador today because I never knew that I had leadership qualities before Pebbles came into my life.”- Melodine van Rooyen, Pebbles Ambassador and After School Club Learner.

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“I’ve attended the Pebbles After School Club for 11 years now. My dream is to enrol in the Army and become a social worker.”- Les-Leeco Koopman, Pebbles Ambassador and After School Club Learner

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“When I try to explain to people what Pebbles has done for me, I always tell them to look at Pebbles’ slogan: Changing Lives, because that is what they do, they change lives. Pebbles came into my life and I can honestly say that they have changed my life.”- Damian van Kerwel, Creditor Clerk at Eikendal Wine Estate.

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“Pebbles really meant a lot to me. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to get through everything in my life and be where I am today. They supported me financially, by financing my studies. They also supported me emotionally and guided and motivated me to follow my dreams.”
– Jamie-Lee Plaatjies, Grade R Facilitator at Pebbles Project.

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“Pebbles will always have a special place in my heart. Pebbles is like family to me, the Social Worker at Pebbles is like my second mother. I wouldn’t be who I am today if not for Pebbles.” Johnlin Plaatjies, Chef at Delheim Wine Estate’s restaurant.

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“If an organisation like Pebbles offers you an opportunity, grab it with both hands. It will benefit your life in a big way. I am very grateful to Pebbles.” – Mariana Julius, Grade R Facilitator and Puppeteer at Pebbles Project.

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“I am very grateful to Pebbles. Without Pebbles I wouldn’t have applied to study at Boland College. I would have probably continued to work as a runner at L’Avenir’s tasting room and I would have never discovered my passion for working with children.” – Leonie Du Plessis, Grade R Facilitator at Pebbles Project.

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“I have immense gratitude for Pebbles, especially for the Social Workers at Pebbles, who helped me to get a bursary to study at Stellenbosch, because if I did not go study, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to enrol myself into college this time around.” – Bradley Kriel, Tasting Room Manager at Eikendal Wine Estate and part-time BCom Law student.

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“Pebbles is an incredible organisation. They change many peoples’ lives. They are always willing to help where they can, they always try their best. I can say without a doubt that Pebbles is an organisation you can truly rely on.” – Claudia Isaacs, Documentation Controller at Hillebrand.

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“Pebbles is a life changing organisation, they make it their mission to assist you in achieving your dreams. Pebbles had a big impact on my life.” – Michelle van Wyk, Documentation Administrator at Hillebrand.

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“Pebbles means a lot to me… If I think back to when I was still in school, the computer literacy classes for example, all of that contributed to what I know today and the person that I am today. I will encourage others, if they get the opportunity, to become involved at Pebbles, because Pebbles has truly changed my life for the better.” – Charlene van Ster, Financial Management Intern at Bellevue Wine Farm.

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“Pebbles have literally changed my life. I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be today without Pebbles. I probably would have been stuck in the same place that I was during my teenage pregnancy…I would have given up on my dreams.” – Sandra Spogter, Commis Chef at Bellevue Wine Farm’s restaurant.

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