InterSen Phase Educator

The Pebbles Project seeks to employ an InterSen Phase Educator to be based in Hemel-en-Aarde at the Pebbles Academy. The Pebbles Project reserves the right to not fill this position and EE candidates may be given preference. If you have not been invited for an interview within 4 weeks of submission, please consider your application unsuccessful.

Job Title:InterSen Phase Educator
Location:Hemel-en-Aarde Education Project
Reports to:Primary Education Programme (PEP) Manager
Working Hours:Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 17:00 or 07:30 – 15:30 Friday from 08:00 – 14:00  
School HolidaysAre aligned with WCED
Requirements●       Tertiary qualification in Education
●       Must be SACE Registered
●       Computer Literate
●       A minimum of one year’s community work/service experience would be advantageous
●       Fluent in written and spoken Afrikaans and English
●       Must have own reliable transport
●       Must be prepared to obtain a code 10 driving license and drive a passenger vehicle.
●       Ability to work independently and as part of our great team
●       Ability to work flexible hours (some weekends and evenings occasionally)
●       Attention to detail, ability to plan and prioritise work, meeting deadlines to successfully deliver range of programme outcomes/deliverables
●       Ability to have effective communication skills, problem solving skills, stress management, multitasking, creativity, resourcefulness and an openness to learning and growth
●       The project is located on a farm with a gravel road
●  Must have a clear criminal record and be able to produce a clearance certificate before commencing employment.
This position is responsible for:
● The teaching and learning process within the Grade 4 -5 classroom.
● Providing a comprehensive enrichment and care service that equips learners with appropriate knowledge and skills leading to their holistic development.
● The efficient and effective implementation of the curriculum according to specified norms and outcomes
● The implementation of the IMPAQ Curriculum, together with trending methodologies, to ensure that learners are exposed to a variety teaching strategies
● Implementing school and organisational policies and procedures
● Ensuring all learners are optimally involved within the learning process
● Administratively managing the curriculum programme
● Fostering a culture of encouragement within the classroom
● Approaching the curriculum with flexibility and adaptability in order to extract the best possible outcome from each learner
● Incorporating blended and inclusive learning approaches within the classroom
● Contributing towards a positive ethos through involvement and support
● Supporting and implementing the enrichment activities as part of the projects approach
1. Initiative implementation and support
2. Classroom management
3. Administration and team support
Initiative implementation and support
Basic Education Initiative:
● To teach learners a CAPs based curriculum and coursework.
● To implement curriculum differentiation, conduct assessments and formulate reports.
● To complete lesson planning as requested by the Primary Education Programme (PEP) Manager.
● To assist with the development and implementation of a numeracy and literacy intervention support programme.
● To assist with designing, implementing and reviewing policies and procedures relevant to the initiative (i.e. discipline policy).
● To identify barriers to learning, support learners within the classroom and refer cases to the school based support committee who will liaise with the SEN Coordinator.
● To arrange and facilitate parent meetings to discuss ongoing learner progress when necessary.
● To conduct bi-annual inventory counts for all educational resources and the classroom.
● To incorporate continuous perceptual skills within the daily programme.
● To keep abreast of current trends, and incorporate relevant new methodologies.
● To use the IMPAQ Curriculum as a guideline to build knowledge and assess overall learner performance.
● To present and explain learning content in a concrete, practical way, in order for learners to meet developmental milestones.
● To monitor daily attendance of learners and notify the principal of concerns.
● To incorporate digital platforms within the classroom in order to create a blended learning environment.
● To participate in playground duty as an extension of constructive interaction with, and adherence to safety protocols the children.
● To report any and all concerns regarding the welfare of learners to the PEP Manager.
● To complete the formative and summative assessment per term.
● To monitor and evaluate learner progression and provide relevant feedback to stakeholders involved.
● To ensure open and interactive communication with parents regarding their children.
● To prepare relevant comments regarding learner progress for the termly reports.
● To do adequate preparation in pupil books to enhance teaching and learning.
● To ensure all learner work is marked on a daily basis and assessed accordingly.
● To encourage learners with relevant and uplifting comments both verbally and in their books.
● To offer extra lessons after school should the need arise.
● To develop educational material and resources to teach online, when necessary.

Learner On-site Support Initiative
● To teach/facilitate educational lessons, extra-curricular and life skills activities within a multi-grade classroom.
● To assist with homework, tutoring and present vocational education lessons to learners.
● To assist with the designing and implementation of positive discipline strategies (i.e. Merits and Demerit System).
● To teach study methods and techniques to learners to prepare them for their examinations.
● To promote citizenship and character education.
● To participate in an annual hand-over meeting whereby the Grade 4 -5 learners are transferred to the Grade 6- 7 class.
● To provide learners with one-on-one intervention as per the school schedule.
● To prepare learner exam scopes and send them to parents.
Training Initiative
● To participate in internal and external training (CAPS curriculum, personal development, developmental stages of learners, classroom management, discipline strategies and assessments).
Life skills and Extra- Curricular Initiatives
● To assist the Life Skills and Extra-Curricular Educator with the planning and implementation of initiatives when required.
● To assist with the supervision and transporting of learners.
● To implement assigned activities by the PEP Manager.
● To assist with the planning and implementation of a holiday programme.
Classroom Management
● To uphold the vision, mission and ethos of the academy, and Pebbles Projects as a whole.
● To provide a welcoming classroom atmosphere in which learners feel comfortable to explore and express their needs.
● To do a daily emotional check-in.
● To adhere to school policies, procedures and protocol.
● To build positive relationships with learners.
● To promote a love for learning within the classroom.
● To do prior preparation and setting up of daily work stations to promote problem solving and critical thinking skills.
● To impose consistent, fair and age appropriate discipline within the class.
● To record learner behaviour and achievement on the relevant documentation.
● To address any and all areas of concern with the PEP Manager.
● To set up “parameters of safety” (classroom rules) within the classroom and ensure all learners understand the process.
● To deliver effective multi-sensory teaching with a range of resources.
● To take responsibility for all classroom resources and equipment and the management thereof.
● To maintain an educationally conducive, neatly structured classroom at all times

Administration and Team Support
● To manage and oversee the perceptual playground/play area.
● To manage the control of Foundation Phase inventory.
● To assist with the development and implementation of new initiatives for the Hemel-en- Aarde Education Project.
● To assist the PEP manager with annual strategic planning and ongoing service planning.
● To participate in training/workshops offered by partnering organisations in order to implement the activities.
● To manage volunteers allocated to the classroom or initiative.
● To assist with the planning and executing of events, hosting visitors and donors.
● To follow any reasonable instruction as requested by any Manager or member of Senior Management to the contribution of productivity.

Protecting babies, children and young people from child abuse and neglect is integral to the work of the Pebbles Project
Protecting Children
Policy Information The Pebbles Project Trust has zero-tolerance for child abuse. Protecting babies, children and young people from abuse and neglect are integral to the provision of services we deliver to these children and their families. It is a core responsibility for all Pebbles Project staff.

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