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Clouds Foundation has supported the Pebbles Project Trust since 2014. Pebbles was chosen as a partner of the Clouds Foundation because of their dedication and focus on long-term goals. The objectives of the Clouds Foundation align seamlessly with the objectives of the Pebbles Project Trust! Now 9 years later it is good to see that Pebbles continues to grow and have such a positive impact on the communities where they are present. Set goals are well achieved. Education is the most important cornerstone of everyone’s development. But it is difficult to study on an empty stomach. Good nutrition is therefore a basic requirement, as Pebbles quickly applied in their working method. We are very proud that the kitchen and nutrition programme worked out very well and is running so smoothly. Thanks to the 5 focus points, Pebbles succeeds in making a broad contribution to the further development of many. These kinds of projects still desperately need support so they can guide many children and young people in South Africa to improve their chances for a better future. The Clouds Foundation therefore proudly plans to continue to Pebbles Project as much as possible in the coming years. All this to give as many children as possible a better future. Something every child is entitled to.

Paul Burema and Jolanda van Haperen